Uploaded folders not shown in backend


i uploaded multiple folders in the backend gui, the folders are not shown, if i enter manually the url, it shows the content of the folder.

Hello @Jan_Fischer,

could please describe an issue in more details? How do you upload folders - by dragging them into Files section or in another way? Are there files in these folders or they’re empty? Did you upload multiple folders at a time or you mean that you attemted several times?



I dragged multiple folders at once in the files section. Folders are not empty .

If I try again it says that the files already exists and I can confirm this by entering full url manually .

If there are a lot of files in folder, then there is some time needed to upload them all. Try to not entering url, but instead to click the refresh icon in the left bottom corner.


does not help, i uploaded yesterday, files are not shown now.

Could you please give example of folder name? And how much approx. there are files in it?

this is the folder, one folder which does show up is


Files are sorted alphabetically, so I guess the util-deprecate folder is somewhere in the bottom, but Files section has the pagination in the left bottom corner and it might be on some another page.

Files Browser  - Backendless 2022-06-13 18-38-19

Can you take a look on it and let me know if you find there your folders?