Upsert Users table without overwriting existing users password?

I have a list of email addresses. I want to create rows in the Users table if they don’t exist. I tried using an Upsert block and get errors that the password is required. If I generate a password and pass it to the Upsert block won’t that overwrite the user’s existing password?


Hi @Tim_Jones ,

In your case generated password will override existing user password. You should use separate blocks for create and update operations.

Regards, Andriy

Thanks for the reply @Andriy_Konoz.

In this case I would need to:

  1. Load a Table object of Users where email = emailString from the list of emails
  2. See if there are any results
  3. If no results, insert a new row
  4. If results, do nothing

That’s a lot of overhead. I really wish there was an Insert on Duplicate Key Update feature.

Unfortunately there is no simpler way to reach your goal.

Regards, Andriy

Thanks, @Andriy_Konoz.