URGENT : Backendless deleted all my codes

All my code was suddenly deleted and i lost all my business logic, and i posted this topic but no one replies:

App id: 5FB0EA72-A363-4451-FFA5-A56F031D6600

Hello @adel_kasno

Sorry to hear that you lost your work. Let me ask you some questions that might be helpful:

  1. Were you using Coderunner or browser console deploy?
  2. Please describe in more detail what were the names of the services and models you lost.


Hello @Igor_Bogunkov ,

I‘m working with @adel_kasno on the same project

We‘re using the browser console to deploy (the deploy button), javascript scripts can be edited and deployed through browser

Basically, we‘ve lost everything except for UserBusiness, I‘ll list them here today when I have access to my pc( or maybe other team member will do that)

@Igor_Bogunkov do you have any backup and can restore all the scripts and models from 03.10.2020?
I hope you will fix this bug as it is the worst nightmare for any developer.


@Igor_Bogunkov hey, any news? we need to continue working ASAP.

We have a backup exactly for 03.10, tell us if we can start restoring it

Yes please, and let me know after you restore it to check it out.


Hi, @Hassan_Kanso, @adel_kasno

We’re working on it. We’ll back to you once we get updates.


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Thank you guys, any clue why this happend?

It was caused with error on our side. Happy coding with Backendless!


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