Urgent Bug

Good Day All,

I was clicking back through the ui builder as in back step, and all a large portion of the created content disaperead. this was no past the point of the components creation.

App ID CB411F83-2292-179C-FF6B-D25974153100

assistance required thank you.

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the missing component is listed as unknown component

Please provide more information. I am looking at the screenshots you provided and read your messages, but I feel like we need more details.

“A component is missing”… what component? Is it a custom one? A reusable perhaps? Or a built-in component?

Have you tried opening UI Builder in another browser? Incognito mode? Perhaps clearing our local storage?


Good Day @mark-piller

Thank you for your reply, It is two built in block components containing a data page, left of last picture and a form, second block from the left. Both blocks are nested within a dynamic list. The data that remained is a second dynamic list nested within the dynamic list however this was not effected.

I have tried various browsers and cleared the caches on all, still no joy. Would you be able to restore a backup?

Kind Regards,

Hi there,

Would really appreciate assistance.

Thank You.

Hello @Raymond_Woodley

we are checking the possibility of restoration. Meanwhile by what date would you like us to restore your files?

Hi @sergey.kuk

Just the page Load_Planner needs to be restored at date 12:00 gmt 21 June 2022.

Your Assistance is appreciated.

Kind Regards,


We have restored the file, please check if everything is fine