URGENT - Fix my execution time limits

My execution time limit isn’t working correctly and it is causing my utility scripts (cloud code) to F up data because this wasn’t planned for.

I made a quick test loop that waits 1 second per loop for 100 loops.

I should have over 200 seconds of execution time on my account -

This is causing me a bunch of headaches.

Hi Tim,

When did you notice the problem first? I wonder if it is related to today’s update.


I think it started today.

Thanks, it helps us pinpointing the issue

Any update?? This continues to cause problems as more and more of my processes kick off and can’t complete.

I can’t turn off my system, and I’m dependent on these backendless processes to move orders, send customer emails, etc. None of that is working correctly right now.

We were able to reproduce the problem. An engineer has been assigned to work on a hotfix. This issue is a top priority. We will be deploying the fix as soon as possible.


And on and on and on. There was actually a point where it looks like this was resolved but the timeouts started again.

Thanks for the update @mark-piller

Do you have a timeframe? As it stands, I have to review every transaction from today. I didn’t build in resilience from timeouts.

Unfortunately, we do not have an estimate, since we do not have a validated fix yet. I hope to have a hotfix in production by the morning (Eastern) time.

Any update?

Hi @Tim_Jones ,

The fix for this problem was released. Could you please check and confirm that error has gone?

Regards, Andriy

I was able to run my test code without issue this morning.