Urgent, getting Bad Request (400) on deployed code, worked like a charm until yesterday

hi there,
I am using the backendless library for angular for a project that is already deployed and used by many.

It all worked fine until yesterday, without any change in code or on the server, I now get bad request (400), it seems the request is associated to a specific table called “CoachNoCoreData” as well as “CoachRequestNoCoreData” in application ID ‘9088AF67-1648-1726-FF09-A51862BF1A00’). I’m on backendless 3 for legacy reasons.

Note that for some reason it doesn’t trigger all the time, but really often, any ideas?

I’m not sure what I can do as it was all working fine and nothing has changed. The exact same request sometimes works and sometimes returns bad request, how is that possible?

Hi Alessandra,

We’re investigating the problem. I suspect it occurs when a request is picked up by a coderunner which doesn’t see the business logic - this is the problem we’re solving now.


thank you Mark for the prompt reply, keep us posted.


The problem has been resolved. Please check and confirm.


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all good, thank you for the prompt help as usual. Feel free to delete the thread, probably not relevant for others at this point.