[URGENT] Very slow response time today from the app, web, and console + Bad request errors

Hello, @Alessandra_Saviotti

At the moment, we have managed to delete about 300k records from the table, the deletion operation takes place with blocking, so it is difficult to delete a live table, the deletion takes place in small portions of 100-500-1k records, one such portion can be deleted in 10-20 minutes if there is no blocking. Removed currently 300k records is not enough for the table to work quickly. We are looking for another solution.

we are down now, just asking for confirmation that you are aware @Marian_Koreniuk , thank you

Hello, @Alessandra_Saviotti
Sorry for the delay in replyingю

Yes, I am actively working to resolve the situation, almost today we are finishing all the work, we have found a solution and the cleaning data is over and the final optimization will take place soon. You should have everything working for now, can you check now if everything is ok?

thank you @Marian_Koreniuk , I am glad to hear. I confirm that everything seems good now

hello @Marian_Koreniuk , just a heads up that we seem to struggle a bit still, with slow responses, failed requests, sometimes the server being down. It’s operational right now but slow for example, or returning many errors (accessing the Users table can take a very long time).

Hello, @Alessandra_Saviotti

Yes, I see that the problem is still present, working on a solution. I will inform more details in a couple of hours.

Hello, @Alessandra_Saviotti

So we understand that there are problems and try to solve them and we keep the situation under hawk-eyed control. We solved the problem that was now. At the moment, we still see that there are sometimes timeouts at peak loads and I am working on this.

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thank you, we really appreciate the work and the feedback, I am writing when there are issues just to make sure someone is aware and we do not stay offline for too long.

hello @Marian_Koreniuk - we keep experiencing very frequent issues: backendless is constantly offline, multiple times per day, for long periods of time

there are disruptions every single day

it seems also that a lot of data was eventually deleted, so what is the problem?

are you monitoring this or looking for a solution?

thank you for your help

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Hello, @Alessandra_Saviotti

So we can see that some of the requests during the load are executed for too long and end with a failure.

We are working on a solution and will give a more detailed description soon.

I have the same issues here, my client is quite upset about those frequent ‘network error’ :confused:

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Hi @Clement_C , @Alessandra_Saviotti ,

Sorry for inconvenience. We are still working on the permanent solution for this problem.

Regards, Andriy

Hey team, we’ve been offline for over an hour now (as opposed to the typical 5-10 minutes we experience multiple times per day). Can someone please try to address the current issue? Thank you @Marian_Koreniuk @Andriy_Konoz

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Same here. Our customers are not happy. Thanks in advance for resolving this soon.

The latest version (v6) has been restored. The legacy version (v3 - @Alessandra_Saviotti ) is still being worked on.

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we have unfortunately been offline multiple times again this early morning, and are currently offline

I just checked and can see that V3 is up and running. Are you seeing any issues?

Good now thank you

It’s happening again right now: gettings CORS errors that suddently appeared on our javascripts calls to https://eu-api.backendless.com/… for no reason.

Are you still working on getting the system fully stable ? We have a big launch ahead and can’t afford it to be down

Hi Clément,

We had an all in EU that was overloading the cluster. We took measures so that all applications have equal resources now. Your app should be operational now.