[URGENT] Very slow response time today from the app, web, and console + Bad request errors

hi all, we are again offline since about half an hour this morning as well (it was first completely offline while now it is extremely slow, basically resulting in the same disruption for the user, with the webservice never available)

I know we had separate conversations about this, but I am also flagging it here in case you can do something quickly now to resolve the issue, thank you @Andriy_Konoz @Marian_Koreniuk

Hello @Alessandra_Saviotti,

we are working on the issue. Thanks for your patience!


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thank you, do we have a timeline here?

we are offline every single day, 3-4 times per day, for a total time of 30-60 minutes, it is becoming really difficult to manage our userbase

thank you

now it’s 40 consecutive minutes already (apart from the shorter disruptions earlier)

It just came back up. We’re fighting to get it without any interruptions, it hasn’t been easy as you can tell…

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we have been offline all the time today… getting lots of emails from users

sorry but we really need help right now, the service has not been operational for hours, even when it seems online, it is not responding to queries, then it goes offline again after a few minutes

@stanislaw.grin @Andriy_Konoz @Marian_Koreniuk

can someone please confirm that you are looking into it right now?


after an almost successful week without disruptions, today we went down several times and now the service is not working anymore

please help ASAP

@mark-piller @Andriy_Konoz @Marian_Koreniuk @stanislaw.grin

I just checked and was able to access console and make API calls. Is it still down for you?

experiencing frequent issues again today

please have a look, thank you

Hello @Alessandra_Saviotti!

Sorry for inconvenience.
The issue has been fixed, could you please check if everything is ok?


it is okay, but we lost another 2 days of sales. I cannot constantly monitor this, as different parts of the service fail, sometimes it seems to be working but then the business logic is not working…

by all means, in the past 2 weeks it has been better, but still, do we think we can have a stable solution here?

thanks a lot for working on this, we really appreciate it but are also trying to understand what we should expect

thank you

Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience, we do our best to ensure that our users do not encounter such incidents again.


@Alexander_Pavelko @mark-piller @stanislaw.grin @Marian_Koreniuk @Andriy_Konoz

we have been offline for 2 hours this morning (and we still are offline), please look into this and resolve ASAP

thank you

Hello, @Alessandra_Saviotti

We had a problem with and it was fixed immediately. I checked that your app is compatible. Can you check if your logic works?
We are still dealing with the causes of the morning event.

thank you Marian, we had users reporting that they could not create an account, but it seems okay now, I appreciate your quick feedback

@Alexander_Pavelko @mark-piller @stanislaw.grin @Marian_Koreniuk @Andriy_Konoz

we have been offline the entire day and are still offline

please resolve ASAP, I do not know what to do anymore here

hello team, we seem operational now again, thank you

maybe I talked too soon, I cannot access the console, I get the login page but then it’s a gray page, nothing is loading or showing

lots of internal server errors it seems the few times that something shows (red error message), and it says I have no applications…

Our engineers are looking into it.

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Hello, @Alessandra_Saviotti

We had a general problem related to the network connections, this led to the unavailability of various services. Sorry for the delay.
I have now made checks and corrections. Can you check if everything is fine on your side now?