Usage equals in comparison of dates

For some reason, can someone explain to me why the equal does not work in comparing dates with <=, but works with >=


(date at or after '02/08/2019 ') or >=

he finds date with '02/08/2019 ’

(date at or before ‘02/08/2019’) ou <=

can not find, and

(date = ‘02/08/2019’)


Dates are stored as timestamps. When you use the equals sign, it must match the value precisely (to the second)

I understood, this is my problem. I only need the dates, and the timestamps end up causing me imprecision

Try using a whereClause in the format:

yourDateColumn > mm/dd/yyyy 00:00 and yourDateColumn < mm/dd/yyyy 23:59

I haven’t tried it to verify it works, but I suspect it should be something like that.


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Thank you, it worked.

For anyone who has problem, to use the <= ( at or before) have in the database the date with 00:00 and in the whereCause 23:59.

date <= ‘MM/dd/yyyy 23:59’

database MM/dd/yyyy 00:00