Use Button to Trigger Reload of Table Data in Grid

I have a Tree Select, Data Grid, and Button component on a page. The Tree Select contains a list of possible filter values for the data in the Data Grid. When the user clicks the Button, I want the Data Grid to reload the table data using the Tree Select selections in the Where clause. I have figured out how to do all of this, except . . .

How do I make the Button click trigger a reload of the Data Grid?


Hi @Howard_Jacobson

Please clarify if you are referring to the Data Grid component from the Marketplace or the Data Grid from Visualizations.


I am referring to the data grid from the marketplace.

I think my question also would apply to the table component in UI builder.

Thank you

Hello @Howard_Jacobson,

I can advise you to make a query to the table when the Button is pressed (so you’ll receive the filtered data), and then send the filtered data to the Data Grid component which will be reloaded automatically.


How would I send the filtered data to the Data Grid? Thanks.

Also, does it make sense to suggest that the Data Grid and Data Table components have some kind of reload / refresh listener that can be triggered from other components or forms?