Use custom email to send messages to my users

how to use custom email to send emails to my users

Please see the documentation:

please tell me more about SMTP Server

What do you want to know?

when i am changing the From: from Email settings and clicks on SAVE button it is showing this message

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please help me with this.

You need to provide a complete configuration for your own SMTP server. This includes port, hostname, security settings, etc.

I don’t have my smtp server. Is it possible to change the only From section in Email to something other.

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Hello. No, if you need to change the from field, you need to have your own smtp server.


i have tried some free smtp server and these are working but when my user wants to reset his password the password reset link sent with email is not opening. how to setup when user changes password by these link it automatically uploaded to my user database in backendless.

What do you mean by “the password reset link sent with email is not opening”? What happens? Have you tried clicking the link?

Does the smtp server substitute the link? Some of them do and it is outside of our control.