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Use of unresolved identifier 'Backendless' - Swift 3

I have picked up a project from last year that used Backendless.

Updated the code to Swift 3, but is ending up with error messages all over the app.
Updated the pod to 3.0.44

  • 'Use of unresolved identifier ‘Backendless’ -

I have added var backendless = Backendless.sharedInstance() as suggested on the forum, but with no joy.
‘Fault’ also seem to have the same problem.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 13.34.08.png

Hi Jorgen,

Can you please specify what documentation you used?

I saw it on the forum,

Maybe its Xcode failing to recognize a new version, have you tried recreating the project as this comment recommends?

I will give it a try, but the project is quite big.

Then first I would recommend you to only create a small test new project with Swift 3 and check whether the same problem is present there. If it isn’t, then the problem should be specific to your old project configurations.