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Use username like a login

Is it possible to use username like a login not only email?

Hi Ksenya,

yes, this is possible. In developers console go to Users table, click red button on right top 'Table schema and permissions` (
Then change identity field from email to username (
Keep in mind that to do this action it is required for all users to have a unique names.



Thanks for quick answer!
I have one more question.
Is it possible to get “email already exist” error when I have a username as a unique identifier?

Hello Ksenya

When you will change the identity field - it will be the only one which is expected to be unique in Users table.
You will be able to set constraints in Users table (such as unique, not null etc) in Backendless 4.0 which will be released soon.

Regards Anton


I see. Thanks for answer.
And could you explain me what means the next error:
FAULT = ‘3101’ [Password recovery is disabled.] <Password recovery is disabled.>
Why is it happens?

Hello Ksenya,
Please check if “User requests password recovery” and “User requests password recovery by link” options have “Do not send email for event” property disabled.
You can find these in “Users -> Email Templates” tab.

Regards, Olga


Are there any restrictions for recovery emails quantity?

No, there are no restrictions.

Great, thanks a lot)