User account - Owner ID

I am testing my app with 2 dummy accounts
Both have been working fine. Nothing has been changed
Today when I login as one and save a new record the Owner ID is not attached to the object
The other is fine.

If the ownerId value does not show up, it means the request to save the object was made outside of the context of the logged-in user.

Please provide a URL for the page that demonstrates the problem. Make sure to let us know the userid/password we can test it with.



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Please describe the steps to reproduce so we can see the problem.

I logged in as fred
Went to allergies page
Entered a new allergy
I checked Backend then allergies table
The object is there but no Owner ID

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The reason ownerId doesn’t show up is because the Login API request fails with the following error:

You need to add logic to handle errors and not proceed to the TOC page if login fails.

I had added Log Out buttons and used them
I’ve changed the user settings in my account.

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Is the problem resolved now?

Everything is looking good.

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