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User Admin mission task 1

Hi - I’m following the instructions for User Admin task 1, Import User Accounts from CSV.
The action completes and I get an email, but it only imports one record (daredevil), not all 7 records.

The import log, interestingly, says Created new import subtask with 7 elements, then 2 lines later it says “saved 1 records.”

(MacOS 10.13.6, Chrome 90.0.4430.85)

15	06:58:23  IMPORT_DATA  Created new import subtask (1) for Users.csv with 7 elements.
16	06:58:23  IMPORT_DATA  Reading next portion (1) of data from csv Users.csv.
17	06:58:23  IMPORT_DATA  Started import subtask (1) for Users table.
18	06:58:23  IMPORT_DATA  Table 'Users' was imported at 0 seconds. Saved 1 records.

Hello @Spencer_Greene1,

I’ve created the internal ticket BKNDLSS-24940, and our developers will investigate this import issue as soon as possible.


Hello @Spencer_Greene1 ,

you are not able to import csv file because your Users table schema contains nickname column which is not null and unique but csv file do not contains values for it. So remove nickname column or add values for it to csv file.