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User Admin mission task 3: empty array not 3048 error

Hi again …
On User Admin mission task 3, Set Session Timeout, I am able to set the session timeout.
But I’m experiencing two issues with the mission:

  1. By default it does not appear that login is required for the GET call. Having created my tables according to the previous missions, all of them, including the system users table, appear to quite happily return data on a GET request even when not authenticated.

  2. I can affect this by changing the Permissions / RolePermissions / NotAuthenticatedUser / Retrieve to false. When I do that then the GET request returns empty array [] rather than the 3048 that the mission expects.

I wonder if there’s some global setting that causes the system to require authentication and if mine is for some reason misconfigured? Thx.

Hello @Spencer_Greene1,

The 3048 error will return after the 10 seconds timeout:

Please, make sure to wait for 10 seconds before another API invocation.


It’s not giving that error after the 10 seconds.

If I set the notauthenticateduser permission to false, then after 10 seconds it returns empty [].

Hi, @Spencer_Greene

I guess your issue was caused by a lack of a record for the user Jocker in the nickname column. I was able the get the error 3048 in your app. Please, try to repeat the steps now.