User authentication not working on Draftbit

Am trying to do user authentication on draftbit.
I have entered the base-url/data in the restapi and I have created the endpoint with users/login as the path and post method.

But when am testing, its not generating the auth code. The user email and password exists in my DB, which I used for testing. Am not sure what am doing wrong.

Hi @Prithvi_raj,

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What do you mean by saying “its not generating the auth code”?
Could you please describe the current behavior and the expected one?
Are you getting some errors or not?
What endpoint do you use?


Actually, when you are using xano. For login authentication it generates the auth code. When I try to validate the user in the db using the post method. But when I tried using the same with backendless, am getting 400 error. Am not sure why, I followed the documentation as given by the backendless to use the base path/ users/login
But it dint work. I tried using base path./users. Because I don’t see any login in the users table. Not sure, why the documentino is not working out.

Am so frustrated, thinking to move to xano, if am not getting support.

Hi @Prithvi_raj ,

We need more detailed information. Please provide us with the steps to reproduce the issue so we can assist you better.
Kindly let us know which requests you are making and what error message you receive during the process. Also, please provide your appId.