User being returned as NSMutableDictionary! Show Stopper!

I’m on 4.0b12 and it looks like the userservice findById method is returned the BackendlessUser as a mutabledictionary. This is causing crashes whenever I try to do getProperty.

Are you using it with the Cloud version?

Do you use the dictionary-based or the class-based approach when you make the findById call?

Hey Mark :slight_smile:

Yes I’m using the cloud version.

I believe I’m using the class-based approach, I just need to use the correct responder type right?

BackendlessUser *user = [backendless.userService currentUser];
[backendless.userService findById:user.objectId response:^(BackendlessUser *resultUser){
    delegate.user = resultUser;
    NSLog(@"user loaded");
}error:^(Fault *fault){
    NSLog(@"load user error");

Hi Allen!

Yes, this is the class-based approach. Could you also try the following (where YOUR-CLASS would be BackendlessUser):

Looks like that did it! Finding the user via the datastore apis explicitly using the class-based approach works.

So does that mean the userService apis are defaulting to dictionary based now?


We’re going to investigate this. It should be returning a strongly-typed object. I will open an internal ticket to check this.

Hello Allen,

Please update SDK to the new version 4.0b13. This issue has been fixed.

Regards, Olga