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User confirmation error page


When registering with email confirmation, the user verifies the email by pressing on the received URL, here all works fine. But clicking again on the same URL, it shows an error:

{“code”:3051,“message”:“Confirmation failed”,“errorData”:{}}

Is it possible to avoid this error - either to redirect to a custom URL or implement a page to properly handle the case?

Also, are there more cases that should be handled for user-friendly behaviour (like ‘link expired’, etc.)?


Hi. It is expected behavior. But I’m agree the message could be informative.
We’ll discuss this within our team [BKNDLSS-19875].

Thanks @oleg-vyalyh . Is there a way to track the ticket progress somewhere, or should I wait for updates here? It would be very valuable to us to know if we can expect this functionality somehow soon.

As the ticket close, we’ll post here the result.

Hi @oleg-vyalyh,

Any news on fixing this? It is quite disappointing to send user an email and then showing an error on a repeated URL click.


Hi, @Justinas_Grazulis

This ticket is in our plans queue, we will return to it, and the results will be left in this topic. But for now I cannot please you in this case.