User Count in Analitycs Dashboard

Hello everyone … I just entered on backendless … through my app I recorded 4 users then erased and I have recreated other … Currently my dashboard in the “Data” I only have 4 registered users to my app test but on “Management” —> “Analitycs” I turn 17 members including one user is active …

Within the limits of Backendless I read that you have a maximum of 100 active users available otherwise you buy the package for the expansion up to 1000.

My question … to see if they are within the limits of what I have to check ?? 17 users or 1 active user?

Also why are 17 users while in dasjboard “Data” I have only 4?



The number of user objects in the Users table reflects how many registered users you have now. This is different from how many users used the system in the past.

Even if you delete the user accounts, the counter for how many active users which used the API still remains. This is the counter of how many users performed a log in at least once during the past month.

Btw, additional 1000 active users is only $1.00.