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User login crash

Hi there

I am getting reports of login problems across some of my apps when user tries to login with a backendless login call. This seems to crash the app and they have to login again. This is happening on an old 3.x app as well as a 5.x app. Problems reported mainly on Android apps, but also iOS.

Problems seem to have started about 2 hours ago.

Just wondered if you had experienced any problems.


Hi @mike-turner

Can you please specify your app IDs and provide the error stacktrace?

Best Regards,

Hi Maksym, unfortunately can’t supply stack trace right now as out of office but app id is C3275435-7E41-16A0-FFFF-B4FD0526C500. This is live app and definitely has a problem with Android user logins at the moment.

Thanks! I will check this out and get back to you as soon as possible.

Hi @mike-turner!

Could you provide more information about problem? Login type, stacktraces will be very helpful.

Regards, Andriy

Hi Andriy

I will get you a stack trace very soon, but in the meantime some more info.

I have had reports from users as well as from crashlytics that the app crashes when users login on multiple different apps, but all apps use the same or very similar code be it a 3.x app or a 5.x app. It seems to be when a user logs in. Other backendless functions seem ok. It is as if it is timing out on login

I use something like this
Backendless user = Backendless.UserService.login(email, password, true);

Anyway this code has been running on my apps for literally years without any problems and then yesterday on multiple apps I was getting numerous crashes. The apps were on 5.x as well as some older ones on 3.x apps. I could replicate the faults myself on installed apps, but was out of the office and couldn’t debug from IDE - I could just see they were crashing… Some of those faults seem to have dissapeared today on the 5.x apps as (my one anyway) seems to work again.

but one remains on and old 3.x app (ID already listed)

I am having to rebuild that old app now in Android Studio so I can get a proper stack trace for you.


@mike-turner, thanks for additional information.

One more question for clarification - user login performed directly from device or by calling your CloudCode custom service method?

Regards, Andriy

direct from device

Please let us know that stacktrace, @mike-turner, it will be rather important to see it to resolve the problem.


Hi Mark

I have to say this has me confused.

I rebuilt the rather old app this morning on local development machine. run it and it gave no errors when logging in. Exactly the same app live on Google play store is still crashing when a user logs in (to this point in time). Unfortunately no firebase so can’t get a stack trace. I have uploaded updated app to Google play store and will see if that works when it goes live.

However as mentioned other lives apps also started creating lots of crash reports yesterday. I have this if it helps - same error on 2 apps running live. This seems to have stopped - I haven’t had a crash in about last 6 hours.

The code is the same on all apps, it has been stable for years with no crashes so something has caused it to wobble.

Fatal Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘java.lang.Object com.backendless.BackendlessUser.getProperty(java.lang.String)’ on a null object reference
at com.backendless.UserService.handleUserLogin(
at com.backendless.UserService.login(
at com.conceiveit.adventuregolf.lostworld.BackEndAPI.logUserIn(
at com.conceiveit.adventuregolf.lostworld.LoginActivity$

Hope this helps


Hi Mike,

Do you happen to have credentials of a user who would experience the login issue? It would be very helpful if we could reproduce the problem.


Yes use my test one. password: pass

REST login with these credentials goes through just fine. Could you please confirm if there is a problem with these credentials on Android? Or does the problem happen only in the previously released version of the app? Finally, do you happen to know what version of Backendless SDK for Android is used there?

Yes problem with Android. We are only using Android or iOS. iOS had a wobble yesterday apparently but seems fine now.

Android working ok today except on the old App which was live.

But running ok on new app on development machine even though it references the same SDK which com.backendless:backendless:3.0.25

Hi, @mike-turner !

Thank you for your treatment! We apologize for the inconvenience.
We tested version 3.0.25 on Android. Login works, no errors. But we are going to study it, so an internal ticket was created BKNDLSS-22316. We will notify you when we investigate this problem.


Thanks, be interesting to know if you do find anything.

Hi @mike-turner!

Has problem appeared again since last occurence?

Regards, Andriy