User Login in Custom Event not returning "user-token"

Am passing an access token to my custom business logic for validation and upon successful validation i login the user, still within the custom business logic using

BackendlessUser user;
 user = Backendless.UserService.login( username, password );
catch( BackendlessException exception )
 // login failed, to get the error code, call exception.getFault().getCode()

The user object returned is missing the “user-token” making it impossible for me to manage user sessions or authenticate subsequent api calls.

What am i missing?



Android sdk does not return user token during login.

Why do you need user token? User token will be added automatically, and all user permissions will be taken into account during calling any other backendless services

The rest of the application runs on REST Api, am hiding the login inside server code as it involves user authentication via a third party, so I needed a way to carry the user token back to the client, where I also have REST Api Facebook login as an alternative.

there is a way to get user token after success login:

HeadersManager.getInstance().getHeader( HeadersManager.HeadersEnum.USER_TOKEN_KEY );

Thanks, gotten the user token with the above.