User registration-An internal trouble ticket- E5F8F94C-C2A5-8A6C-FF2C-B6A5E1F27A00


My User registrations have been working well since first coding but now am getting the quoted error with every registration attempt.

 -H Content-Type:application/json 
 -d '{"id":"252936591737699","name":"SabinaGina Mwambulangi","email":"","phoneNumberString":"+284778214676","dateOfBirth":"June 21, 1995","gender":"female","password":"252936591937699+254795287606"}' 

Kindly but urgently assist.


Hi Odhiambo,

The problem should have been fixed now for your app.
Have you deleted the column deviceId in your Users table recently? It should have had a type of one-to-many relation.

Thank you,

Yes i did delete the DeviceId Table and the column pointing to it in the User’s Table a few days ago.


Did you delete only the table (and the column was deleted automatically) or did you delete the column first?

Table first then i didn’t see the column upon which i assumed it’s auto deleted if there is no column it’s pointing to.

Thanks, this will give us a clue in the investigation to prevent this from happening again.