User registration failure with code: 3039 ??

Hi -

An already logged-in user tries to register another user - but the registration attempt fails with – “BackendlessException{ code: ‘3039’, message: ‘You cannot provide user id for registration.’ }”.

What does this mean ?? I am using custom property “user_id” as identity, and also providing all properties marked as required in backend.

Please help - not able to think of any workaround.


public int registerCustomerSync(String custMobile) {
Log.d(TAG, "In registerCustomerSync: "+custMobile);
int errorCode = ErrorCodes.NO_ERROR;

BackendlessUser customer = new BackendlessUser();
customer.setProperty("user_id", custMobile);
customer.setProperty("mobile_no", custMobile);
backendUser.setProperty("user_type", AppConstants.USER_TYPE_CUSTOMER);
backendUser.setProperty("disable_reason", AppConstants.custAccQRCodeNA);

    backendUser = Backendless.UserService.register( backendUser );
catch( BackendlessException e )
    Log.e(TAG,"Customer register failed: "+e.toString());
    // Handle backend error codes
    String error = e.getCode();
    errorCode = ErrorCodes.GENERAL_ERROR;
    if (error.equals(ErrorCodes.BL_ERROR_REGISTER_DUPLICATE)) {
        errorCode = ErrorCodes.USER_ALREADY_REGISTERED;
return errorCode;




Could you please attach a screenshot showing user properties of your app? (the Schema for the Users table)</img>

It mean that you can not provide ‘objectId’ property when register new user.

as I can see you create ‘customer’ object, and then you try to register ‘backendUser’ and I suppose that ‘backendUser’ contains property ‘objectId’

What do you mean by - "I suppose that ‘backendUser’ contains property ‘objectId’?? - I did not set the ‘objectId’ property in backendUser !!

Code again below - I simply create a 'BackendUser; object (named customer), sets few of its properties (not objectId) - and tries to register it - am I doing something wrong here ???

BackendlessUser customer = new BackendlessUser();
customer.setProperty(“user_id”, custMobile);
customer.setProperty(“mobile_no”, custMobile);
backendUser.setProperty(“user_type”, AppConstants.USER_TYPE_CUSTOMER);
backendUser.setProperty(“disable_reason”, AppConstants.custAccQRCodeNA);
backendUser = Backendless.UserService.register( backendUser );

You create instance of Backendless user here:

BackendlessUser customer = new BackendlessUser();

Notice the variable name is “customer”. Then you call the register API:

Backendless.UserService.register( backendUser );

Notice the variable name is now “backendUser”. So what happened to the variable “customer”? Looks like you create one instance, but use another one to register a user.


ohh man …no way …how could i miss that …i feel guilty to open a ticket for such stupid mistake …I am really sorry guys to waste your time like this …will be extra careful from next time …Thanks a ton !!!