User registration not working without Create permission for 'NotAuthenticated' in Users table

Hi -

In the ‘server API’ code - I am doing below steps:

  1. Login with ‘admin’ user (This user as custom ‘MyAdmin’ role assigned)
  2. Register another user.

Below log is printed - when I print roles before calling ‘UserService.register’.

2016-07-29 06:21:20,511 | | DEBUG | Roles: [ServerCodeUser, AuthenticatedUser, MyAdmin]
However, still I get below exception if I do not give ‘Create’ permission to ‘NotAuthenticated’ in ‘Users’ table !!Please note that I am calling ‘backend API’ from the console and not from any app.Attachments:1) API code2) Permissions screenshot for Users tableRequest to please check if its a bug in system. Thanks.

AdminServices.txt (2.65kB)

Hi Aditya,

Please provide a full service zip or jar (and source code) so that we could reproduce the problem. You may send it to in case you don’t want to share it publicly.

Hi -

Attached is code file with ‘registerUser’ backend API (TestServices class).
Its just one self-contained file, with no dependency - and it simply tries to register a user.
My app id is 09667F8B-98A7-E6B9-FFEB-B2B6EE831A00.

Request to please rename it from .txt to .java.

Please let me know, if anything else needed.


TestServices.txt (1.91kB)

I get below exception when I try to run ‘registerUser’ API from the console - but it works file if I give ‘create’ permission to ‘NotAuthenticated’ in Users table.

2016-07-29 16:02:57,553 | | ERROR | Exception in registerAgent: BackendlessException{ code: ‘1011’, message: ‘User has no permission to create entity’ }

Hi - Any help on this will be appreciated. Thanks.

It appears to be a bug in our system. Thanks for sharing the sample code. I’ve created an internal task BKNDLSS-12960 to investigate it. Please stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated.


The fix has been released. Can you confirm please?