User signin within app producing 400 errors but if I go incognito it works

This problem only appears to have started since the EU cluster was rebuilt.
Testing within preview function.

If the user was created while in ‘incognito’, then sign in may work while in a normal page.
If the user was created while using a normal page, then the sign in may work if using an ‘incognito’ page,

When I say sign in attempted and created while in cognito, was launched within incognito.

I have 3 demo email addresses:

[emails deleted]

app ID 45F4AD7D-0C9A-4A6A-FF23-2666FDC93000

Cloud99 plan / V6.7.2 / Chrome Mac browser [Version 110.0.5481.100 (Official Build) (arm64)]

Thank in advance,

Hi @Paul_HIllen ,

Could you provide error message which you receive along with 400 error code? You can get it in “DevTools” > “Networking” tab. Failed request will be highlighted with red. You need to open “DevTools” before trying to login in your app.

Regards, Andriy

Hi Andriy,
I see the problem.

code: 3002, “User is already logged in from another device/computer. The application is configured to disable multiple concurrent logins with the same user credentials.”

I’ve added the ‘Logout current block’ in UI Interface / User API to start of signin logic and that has fixed the error.

I didn’t have this issue before but probably a cleaner way to start any log in logic going forward.

All the best,

@Paul_HIllen ,

Glad to hear that you have figured out the problem.
Instead of adding that UI Builder block you can also could play around with “multiple logins” option from users login settings in your app. It is located in “Users” > “Login”. When enabled you can specify amount of concurrent sessions for the same user. In such case you will not receive such error during additional logins until you are not exceeding that limit.

Regards, Andriy