User Syncing Was: Can't invite users while on Trial

Can you please downgrade my account immediately. I don’t want to wait until Nov 22.
I need to test out something before I begin to care about the product, and oddly I can’t do it on the Trial. I want to export Users out of the system, my use case constantly requires this - take them to the CRM and Google Contacts. I need to check the field mapping.
Right now there are no users, and I can’t invite new ones.


Eventually I would need some sort of automated sync, which seems to be a big deal because of the freeform data/schema - PieSync told me so - but I can live with manual Import/Export to begin with, if I can establish a workflow. That’s a big if, and something I can’t work around, since the need to test upfront.

Thank you.

Hi, Alex.
I didn’t clearly understand the problem you are faced with.
You are now on Trial plan and you are not able to do some things (export users from Users table ?).
You also said, that you cannot invite users. Are you talking about registration process for Users of your app ?
Please, describe precisely what action you are doing, and what result you get.
Also point the AppId.

App ID 1D90189F-2CCE-EA6C-FF3A-2046ECBF4F00
All of the above, but I will reformulate.
Action needed: Downgrade my Plan from Cloud99 Trial to Free
Immediate reason: Trial Plans can’t invite users
Reason I need to invite users: test csv format from the Export feature with actual content
Why do I need the csv with actual content: test import/field mapping in Google Contacts and CRM
Strategic reason: establish workflow so users from Backendless are replicated in Google Contacts and CRM, and the other way around
How to implement strategy: start with regular manual import/export, implement automation (API) later on

Describe your actions precisely, please. What action you imply when you say “invite users”?
I’ve performed export / import operations successfully on your app. I also created the user and then delete him (simple registration process).
You have no limitations on Trial plan except the time of that plan.

Ok. I’m attaching a screencap. Since I’m extremely new I might be misunderstanding what a particular piece of the UI does. it says
Invites and referrals are disabled while the application is on trial for the Cloud99 plan.

But this is for something else? (Developers)?

I actually need to do this, I think.

Ok. 100% what I was actually looking for is in Data Management: Users.
Since I raised a false issue, let me jump to my end-goal, automated syncing of users in and out of your backendless back-end.
This is a chat I had with PieSync, which I thought would be suitable, as I already use their service.
What do you think?

Glamo: What are my options with your product? Can I develop a custom sync on my own between Backendless and Google Contacts? (I still want Google to be the ultimate source of truth). Data will them flow from Google Contacts to amoCRM. The assumption is of course I will figure out a solution for segments 100%. If segmenting isn’t preserved, it would be rather bad…not quite useless, but bad
I am aware of, which acts as middleware for cases like this, but PieSync doesn’t integrate with them, so…
This 3-way sync feature is a keystone for my use case. I need a full 360 view in all three apps, not just have all the the contacts replicated, but their segmenting as well.
I am not informed enough to even begin assessing what needs to be done and where. I can program, but that that’s still down the line, I’m just stating my needs for now.

PieSync: Hey there - we’re actually constantly releasing connectors…And we do take requests. Based on popular demand we code what ppl vote for. However Backendless doesn’t seem like it can completely align into our data model, can it? Does it come with a fixed contacts object? I can’t find it in their API at first sight.
A service like Segment is not something we’re likely to integrate with either - they really are a data conduit just like we are :slight_smile: Personally I don’t think a perfect 3-way sync is going to be easily achievable here, so you’ll have to compromise, having 1 or 2 apps be a slave to your Backend(less).
Ultimately, we’re a simple connector app for SME’s where we want to deliver direct app-to-app connections. We’re not optimizing our product to fulfill many technical side requirements I’m afraid!

Glamo: Well ok with Backendless as master, but that assumes TWO non-existing integrations, instead of just one. Like, Google Gontacts - amoCRM is at least a thing already
Also, I have no insight beyond this link. There is an API, whether it matches your user model I don’t know…
The user schema can be set up by the developer…

PieSync: Because of that free form factor, a 2-way backendless integration for PieSync would not make sense for us at this time. We cannot support it. This is one for our (very) long term project of giving developers the ability to plug in their own proprietary API into our sync engine, instead of us building a sync for an app that is meant to work for a global audience.

For automation purposes i can advise to use our BusinessLogic, where you can create your custom service which will be invoked from outside and then create new user in Users table (use Data api).

Hi @Alex_Maranda, assuming you can get a programmatic callback (or an event) when a contact is created/updated/deleted in Google Contacts, you can invoke a corresponding API call in Backendless to replicate the changes. This can be done either by a direct API call or a facade in the form of a custom API service (a cloud function for the lack of a better term).

You mention you want to preserve segmentation… I assume you have some kind of criteria for segmenting your contacts. If the criteria is defined by a contact property (or a combination of such), the Data retrieval API in Backendless would let you accomplish this since the users in Backendless are stored in the same database as the rest of the data and thus all the same data retrieval (read search and filtering APIs) would be applicable.

Hope this helps.


Hi there. Well, this would be nice,
as it would be my passport to, well, everywhere.
It doesn’t have to be free-form, just supporting a given user schema is useful, as I know what my custom fields are. I will look into it a bit, though it seems it’s the kind of plumbing you guys should be doing, not the application devs.