Users.csv not importing to System Data > Users

Task: Import user accounts from CSV

Have been through video steps five times:

  • ‘Users.csv’ contents look the same as in video.
  • Follow steps in video.
  • Confirm data types and click ‘Finalize Import’
  • Screen message “Backendless is importing the data.”
  • Files > import > ‘IMPORT_DATA2021_12_29_19_00_49.log’ last line shows “19:00:50 IMPORT_DATA import finished.”
  • Get gmail showing same import steps.
    Data > Users shows 0, and is empty.

Seems this log line might show the problem:
13 19:00:50 IMPORT_DATA Skip importing data for table Users because missed required column/s: [blUserLocale]
I see the blUserLocale column has the constraint of NN (Non-Null) which makes it required, but it’s not in the imported file.


Hi, @Jim_Austin

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We have an internal ticket for this case - BKNDLSS-27334. It will be fixed shortly. Please, try to use this file for now - Users.csv (1.0 KB)


Thanks Marina, this ‘work-around’ file imported. Took me a while to find the ‘login user’ method on the new REST console screen (arrow upper right), but task has now completed.

Considering the four or five support post I’ve had to make since unlocking the Springboard plan (documentation and procedure errors), it seems these ‘post-Springboard’ tasks are not well traveled, particularly for us Flutter developers. Guess it is what it is …

We’re working on improving documentation and flutter support and hope the rest of the missions go smoothly for you.