/users/logout returning 404 error

Backendless v5.7.2


Application ID: 355C7577-C528-4F4A-FF2B-B06A5ED4FF00

Expected Behavior

I am following the documentation at https://backendless.com/docs/rest/users_logout.html and I am including the user-token request header. When calling /users/logout I expect api.backendless.com to successfully deauthenticate the user and return a success message.

Actual Behavior

When calling /users/logout I get a 404 error from api.backendless.com

Error: Request failed with status code 404
at createError (createError.js?2d83:16)
at settle (settle.js?467f:17)
at XMLHttpRequest.handleLoad (xhr.js?b50d:61)

I have had no issues with calling other user functions, such as login or register.


Could you please confirm if you’re making a GET call? Is it possible to get the detailed request information from the browser’s Network tab (in the Developer tools)?


I was making a POST call. Silly mistake. Getting a 200 returned now. Thank you, Mark.

Glad we got this one resolved!
Happy coding!

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