Users showing as 0 in Backendless Data Console

I seem to be having an issue in the Users Data Console. Looking at the list, I can see a number of Users. However, it shows 0 on the left panel. See screenshot below.</img>

I’m a little worried because this application is already in Production and that there might be something wrong it and that it may affect the data in my application.

Forgot to add. Here’s my application id for reference: CDC8838F-D7C9-D4B1-FF2B-E711A58FA900

Appreciate any help.


Hi Allen,

thanks for report your issue.
Do not worry about your data, it’s safe. This issue affects only the correct counting the total number of objects. We have already fixed this and will let you know as soon as release new version.


We now about this bug, it will be fixed in next release on Monday.

You should not worry it does not impact on api calls.
For api calls total objects is correct