UserService.handleOpenUrl: cannot open url for user if user is not logged in on Facebook in Safari

Facebook easy login fails if user wasn’t logged in on Facebook in Safari.
When I try to log in with a user who is not logged in on Facebook yet, I get the following error:
UserService -> handleOpenURL: ERROR = Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=3840 “Garbage at end.” UserInfo={NSDebugDescription=Garbage at end.}
If I try to log in with this user afterwards, login succeeds (by that time the user is already logged in on Facebook). And if I perform logout on Facebook before trying to log in, I get this error again.
I’ve noticed that when user is not logged in on Facebook, the url is just the same as the valid one, except for that it has the following symbols at the end:
I use the latest version of Backendless iOS SDK (3.0.40)

Elena, thank you for your detailed description of the problem.

The internal task BKNDLSS-13234 is created.

We have fixed this problem. You can update the latest Backendless SDK (pod 3.0.41 release).

There is our Swift 3 sample project in attachment. You could try it, how it will work for you? (19.29MB)

It works now. Thank you!