UserService optional in Generate API Docs

As Mark pointed out in the Mobile App development video, the UserService is automatically generated and added to the API Docs upon generation, can you please make this an optional include? Maybe on the select doc type page, add a checkbox “include UserService” and default to on. I have a use case where I am only tying in to the user system via oAuth and I am specifically locking down registration and password based logons, thus having the very handy yet unused UserService actually confuses the consumers of my services. Today, I will have to manually remove them from the generated files, but sure would be great to simply uncheck the option upon generation.


Hi, Jason.
I’ve created the inner task for discussion.
We’ll post here about the result.

Hi Jason,

I am reviewing the ticket and wanted to ask you a question. My thinking is excluding the login endpoint from the generated docs doesn’t preclude someone from actually using the functionality. To completely disable Backendless native login, you could add a beforeLogin event handler in Cloud Code and prevent the execution from going forward. I believe it would be a better way to go. I agree, it might make the generated docs cleaner, but it doesn’t solve the core issue.


Hi Mark,

My position is when you make a platform assumption for the end user, in this case the assumptions are that 1) there needs to be authentication endpoints and 2) the built-in authentication will be used, that there should be a way to override the assumptions. I am not as concerned about eliminating access to the built-in function (thanks for the tip BTW), I am more interested in getting the full value out of the generated API docs. It is awesome that you offer this generation, being able to opt in or out of the auto generation of unused functions would be, in my case, an added benefit. I also recognize that it would be hard to change the platform for all edge cases, I do have the workaround option to manually modify the generated doc and remove the UserService so it is not a show stopper, however as you scale this will come up again.