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Using backendless Push Notifications from 3rd party Frontends

Is it possible to use Backendless’ Push Notifications if a third party frontend such as Adalo or AppGyver have been used to create the native app?

I’m aware of the process that is necessary in Android for instance in updating the Gradle and Manifest files and wondered if this is even possible on a build with another front end such as Adalo or AppGyver.

Any thoughts or ideas on this would be appreciated even if it’s theoretical…


Just to add to the above, the most recent (excellent) blog article from Christopher Fanchi relating to Backendless and Appgyver:

,highlights the benefits of using the Backendless stack in Appgyver and mentions push notes…

The AppGyver-Backendless Stack
In this article, we’re going to walk you through the process of integrating the several basic Backendless functions into your AppGyver app.

User Registration
User Login
Save Data
Query Your Database
The above items merely scratch the surface of the benefits of connecting your AppGyver app to Backendless. You will also gain access to:

A large pre-built API collection,
Serverless hosting,
Codeless logic builder,
Cloud Code, timers, and event handlers,
Email and push notification support.

so it really would be great to be able to access Push Notifications on AppGyver if it’s possible. I appreciate it’s arguably an AppGyver question, I’ll post on there too but highly relevant here also I believe. If the techs on here think this is out of scope of the forum would Chris Fanchi be available for comment? :slight_smile:

Hi Graham,

In order to receive push notifications in your app, the device must be (1) registered with APNS/FCM and then (2) subsequently with Backendless. The first step, i.e. how to register with APNS/FCM would be a question that AppGyver folks should be able to answer. The result of (1) is a token you get from Apple/Google. The token then should be used in API call to Backendless:

Once a device is registered in Backendless, you can send push notifications to it.

Hope this helps.


okay so I found this document which I think is exactly what you’re asking

so theoretically it looks like for AppGyver you can achieve this. I’ll try this out and report back…