Using Backendless to create an API Hub/Gateway?

Hi Backendless team, we are trying to find out if Backendless is the right tool for our use case.
We are trying to aggregate several APIs from energy and charging providers in the marketing into a single API for our mobile app, and are thinking of using Backendless to build this Hub/Gateway.

Examples of APIs that we need to aggregate are such as OCPI (GitHub - ocpi/ocpi: The Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) allows for a scalable, automated roaming setup between Charge Point Operators and e-Mobility Service Providers. It supports authorisation, charge point information exchange (incl transaction events), charge detail record exchange and finally, the exchange of smart-charging commands between parties.) and OICP (GitHub - hubject/oicp: Open intercharge Protocol), and we need to reconcile their differences into a single API, which may be consumed by one or more applications.

Have you had customers operating in a similar industry before, or would you be able to outline the high level steps we need to take to make this possible with Backendless?

Hello, @Guangmian_Kung. Welcome to our community and thank you for trying out Backendless.

You can check out some Backendless based solutions at Customers | Backendless Backend as a Service Platform.

It is difficult to tell right away how best to build the construction of your application. We can help you with this - contact the sales department at

Best regards, Nikita.

Hello @Guangmian_Kung

As I see both API support HTTP. So you can create Backendless service using several approaches: