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Using Business Logic API Services on the client side

Hi all,

since I have completed the Backendless tutorial: How to Build a Social App Backend With Backendless

I am wondering how to make use of this code on the client side for example in Android Studio.
What do I need to use from Backendless Business Logic API Services to make it work?
I see the possibility to download the client side SDK or do I need to use Code Generation for this?

Best regards,

Hi, Robin.
I think you should use technology that is the most appropriate for you.
If you use Android, then i can suppose, you are familiar with Java. So for writing backend business logic you can use Java CodeRunner (and java api). The library can be found either on our github page ( or maven repository (search by ‘com.backendless’).
In case of JS – the tutorial describes the major steps.

In any case you need to read our documentation in order to know how to work with our API.