Using image processor API for bulk operations

We’re using the Image Processor API to create a small & compressed avatar for a user when they sign up. In our user table, we store a file reference to the larger (original, not processed) image. The processor API saves a processed image to a directory. It’s my understanding that if/when we retrieve an image via the Image Processor API like so:

, the processor returns a link to either the cached version of the small image, or to the actual small image that is stored in our file system.

Now we want to display a list of 100 users along with their small avatar image in a repeater component… so the question is:

Can the Image Processor API be used in a bulk retrieval operation (i.e. we want to use Load Table Objects, page size 100)? Or do we need to create an additional file reference (linking to the small image as saved by the Processor) in our user table?

Hi @Alex_Klein ,

Unfortunately the image processor doesn’t support bulk operations. It would be better to store link to the thumbnail in your user table.

Regards, Andriy

OK thank you :handshake: