Using "/" in ui paths

Hey eveyone,

Backendless is using a ui page path logic like Most websites I see are using a logic like

This could be achieved by creating a single container for each subpage and publish them all to a tool like firebase hosting in the according subdirectories. However as this is not the intended behaviour, I’m wondering if there are any negative side effects or if there’s a better solution to achieve this goal.

I’m aware that splitting an app in mutliple containers renders App Data useless. Although variables can be passed using the native sessionStorage.


Hi Anton,

Every UI Container is envisioned to be a self-contained UI app. What you’re describing could work, however, there would be a number of inconveniences since UI Themes, custom functions and UI settings are compartmentalized at the container level.

I am curious, the structure of the URL is it purely aesthetic or there is a deeper need to have them in a different format?



It is indeed purely aesthetic.