Using 'Offset' and 'PageSize' with the loadRelationsOutput

Hello Backendless ,
I was succesfull on loading a list of relations 'Followers ’ of my User Tables by using :

ArrayList<String> relationProps = new ArrayList<String>();
Backendless.Data.of(BackendlessUser.class).loadRelations(currentuser, relationProps);

The Relation Exists as a 1:N RelationShip . I will probably have a pretty Large Number of Rows on the RelationShip Output and want to Filter the number of Results Returned based on the search Offset as well as the PageSize (The Logic which I could Easily implement for General data Tables using Query options ) . But I want to do the same for loading Relationships Too.
Is this possible straight outta box with the Query options ?
My thoughts are using a custom Service handlers along with Offset, Paging Operations and returning data based on it. But , Are there any Sorts of API available from the Backendless API Itself to solve this issue.

Hi Pujan,

Sorry, but paging of relations is not supported by Backendless now.
We plan to add it in one of next releases

Regurds Ilya

Hi Ilya, do you know when we can expect paging of relations to be available for ios?