Using password manager with native mobile app shell


I can’t seem to get passwords manager to work with my app.

It’s built using UI builder and the native mobile app shell. But logins and passwords can’t seem to be recognized :

  • on Android, the password manager (I have tried several) does not recognize the fields
  • on iPhone, the fields seem to be recognized, but the URL is not matched and no authentication is suggested. I have to go and get it manually.

Could you please advise as to the best course of action ? Thanks !

Hello, @Nicolas_REMY.

While I can’t answer your question, I need to research this question in order to give you a correct answer.
I think this can be done on the side of the js code, directly in your ui-builder application.

Regards, Nikita.

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OK, thanks for the answer.

Here are a few more elements :

  • I tried adding autocomplete attributes using custom JS code, but this didn’t seem to make any difference
  • My domain has been linked to the app for deep links (and it works), if that has any impact

Looking forward to your reply, because some users are starting to tell me my app is not good for security since their password management setup does not work.

Hi @Nikita_Fedorishchev,

Was wondering if you could research the subject. I would gladly like to know if and how I could achieve password manager integration.


Hello, @Nicolas_REMY.

I have not yet dealt with this issue, I now have a current task. This task in my roadmap.

Regards, Nikita.