Using Realm to store data ?

Is there a way to use Realm with Backendless data?

Hi Lea,

Currently there are MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL integration. Realm is not supported for the now.



Is there a tutorial for using MySQL with backendless?

First, MySQL dataconnector component should be activated in marketplace and provided required credentials. After that data will be stored and retrieved from your db using backendless sdk like native

So how do I handle it?

Is the time I have to do to use it?

This documentation article is a little bit outdated

Is there something more up to date and another guide?

For our regret, there is no fresh guids for this feature

You should by MySQL data connector via marketplace. In the popup window put required data. After a while you will be able to switch console to another db and use it as native backendless.