v4 Codeless: Try / Catch block produces broken code

Hi Vlad! - I’m going to assume you’re the one assigned for codeless stuff :wink:

I think the try/catch block is broken, since it is producing weird code output like we’ve run into before …

    I created a try/catch block where I want to login a user, then log the same user out in the "finally" chunk. When I use the "Logout current user" block in the finally, it "sticks" for the time being When I deploy, it gets jumbled when I open the designer again (and other code also disappears) Upon closer look at the code, it seems like the "finally" block isn't even created in the code. If I add a simple print statement to the finally chunk, it gets created in code (and uses the logout call), but there is that weird parse error with the "99":


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Extra context:

Appears to be fine when the block is dropped on the canvas window:


But, when it is moved BELOW the print out, it’s broken:

and if it’s put before, the code isn’t even replicated to where it should be:

Hi Renato

Thanks for reporting! I’ll definitely forward it to Vlad :wink: We’ll notify you here when it will be fixed

Best Regards

Hi Renato

Yeah, thanks for your report.
“Logout current user” is one of the first blocks and some logic has been little changed.
I checked all the other blocks where may be the same problem and catch yet one block with this behaviour (Recover User Password)

so, all the blocks has been fixed and we will release this changes asap

Regards, Vlad

Amazing, thank you Vlad! :slight_smile:

The fix is released.

Please check if everything works as expected

Regards, Vlad

All good! Thanks Vlad!