Version is disabled or provided wrong application info (application id or secret key)

Hi there,

I am working through the REST quickstart and getting the “Version is disabled error”.
I am using POSTMAN to make my requests. I have checked and double checked the data I am sending over and I am still getting the error. Any thoughts?

Here is the request being sent out by POSTMAN…(Secret Key Redacted)

POST /v1/users/register HTTP/1.1
application-id: 9B24EED4-8A48-D6B5-FF52-0088A7E24900
Content-Type: application/json
application-type: REST
Cache-Control: no-cache
Postman-Token: f54ac395-ad98-e2f9-1cf0-3b8f7ebd8c70

{“email”:“”, “name”:“John”, “password”:“123456seven”}

Hi Greg,

You created the app in the 4.0 version of the backend, but you’re using the 3.x API. Here’s the doc for the 4.0 User Registration API documentation:


Thanks! It’s working now.