View Log File = URL:Phishing error

When I try to view a log file below, I am now getting an AVAST error.
Is this URL format Legit?

Please advise.



Hello @Tony_B,

This is related to the fact that the domain (which we use only as a shared files domain) is being used by other users, and not all of them use the system for good purposes, so this domain is considered compromised by some antiviruses (despite the fact that your files specifically have nothing to do with it).
However, this domain is only part of the internal system. I advise you to use your custom (or generated subdomain) domain in the console. Everything before this part (logging/Sep%2019%202022.log) just needs to be replaced with your domain with the api prefix (like


Thanks this works now.
Would it not be possible to change the URL in the files page?
You know what my domain should be, so if you can substitute that, instead of the
This would make life a lot easier.

I agree with you, we already have a ticket for this and I hope very soon it will be implemented and released.

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