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Virus / Internet Security software must be disabled.

I initially had Norton Internet Security software running as I was installing the windows version of Backendless Standalone. I rebooted, disabled the Norton autoprotect and firewall, and it is proceeding with the installation.

Perhaps an installation document that is accessable during the installation program would be helpful.

The installer should show a warning at the beginning of the installation if an antivirus is detected. The warning points to the Bitnami wiki

Was there a warning during the installation?

Not sure I saw a warning but will retry that installation and let you know.


Yes it does warn you that a virus program is detected.

Installing on Windows 7 x64 with the AntiVirus still enabled (Norton Internet Security) works up to the point that the installer is trying to start the playservice. It waits for this service to start in what seems to be an endless loop.


Did you follow the suggestions on this page for the scenario when Antivirus is enabled?