Visibility of selectfields with radiobuttons

Hello at all,

I need help to create selectfield with visibility-logic.

First my form:

I have a radiobutton-group with 2 radios and if one of them is select “not visible” then the both selectfields shouldn’t visible. Otherwise if they select “visible” both selectfields should be visible.

Second part:
If I choose “Option 1” in first selectfield, I want show only special option in second selectfield. If I choose “Option 2” then another option in selectfield 2 and so on. How is this possible?

Same thing I would create is, I have 3 radiobutton-groups and depending on which button is active, I want show another radiobutton-group.

Main radiobutton-group have 3 entries.
If entry 1 is active, show radiobutton-group “A” and hide radiobutton-group “B” and “C”.
If entry 2 is active, show radiobutton-group “B” and hide radiobutton-group “A” and “C”.
And so on.

You know what I mean? Can some help!
Thanks for helping!

Hello, @Daniel_Wauer

This is real and pretty simple with Codeless.

  1. Create Radio Buttons Group component
    and add some logic

  2. Create 2 Radio Button-s
    and add labels with values

  3. And last, we need a block with input what to be visible or not, with this logic

Now we have a form with hideable blocks

For the second part, repeat step 1 and 2 with another radio buttons values and radio buttons group logic

and add select with this logic

Here is how it looks in the browser - link
(the link is not permanent and may be broken after some time)

I hope that helps you with Codeless :slight_smile:

Regards, Dima

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Thanks Dima,

do I implement the visibility logic into the inputfield (First Name)?

Can you show the second example with two selectfields and not with radiogroup please?

If I select article „A“ in first selectfield, then entries in second selectfield should be from 1 to 5 and if I select article „B“ then entries should be from 6 to 10.

Can you show me this?

How would it work with database-entries? Load special categories and articles in both selectfields?

Is there any training I can register?

Thanks so much

Here many videos about Codeless and Backendless.

About your problem:

Create table with options

Adding logic to the first Select

And create options with ‘a’ and ‘b’ value

Create Block with Select, and add visibility logic to Block

So, we have a dynamic Select with options from the database.

Hope I answered your question.

Small playground.

Regards, Dima.

Thanks Dima I will try it.

Is it possible to get a customized form by your coders?
So that I would tell you what we need and someone of your company can code this for us?
I know that will cost Money but thats ok.
Can you make an offer if I give you detailed instructions?

Thanks for your response!


Hi Daniel,

Please contact and describe your requirements to get a price quote.


I need some help here again.

I tried to create 2 radiobuttons in group with visibility.

If select radio 1 show block 1 and hide block 2.
If select radio 2 show block 2 and hide block 1.

I cannot get the function. I don’t know how I should create the logic.

Hello @Daniel_Wauer.

This logic has already been described above.
Why doesn’t it suit you? Please clarify

Regards, Nikita.

In the example above I have 2 radiobuttons with visible or invisible for one box.
I need visibility change for 2 boxes if one of the radiobuttons selected.

My ID 6B737B6F-BDAE-CE78-FFA6-278F2E11B200

I have two boxes who are not visible at the beginning.
After selecting one radiobutton the boxes should shown as described.

@Daniel_Wauer, I understand correctly, you must have in blocks that are not visible by default?
And when you click, for example, checkbox number 1, should 1 block be displayed?

Regards, Nikita.

yes, but if I selected the other option, then block 2 should be visible and block 1 not.

You need choose your first and second blocks uncheck the “Display” box.
And use the logic that @Dima described above.

Regards, Nikita.