Visualizations, my first chart

Hi I’m looking for the API calls and I found the reports are processing a lot of API calls to produce the graphics, for that reason I would like to start looking the new Visualizations.

My first chart should be the number of visit per day in a specific Client.

How to count records by day? This are the only fields at the Visit table.

Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 12.21.46

My idea was go with Apps View but I need a count column

This is my actual graph by day and also by 4 different informations IN and OUT of vehicles and persons. No idea how to solved by Visualizations.

Thanks, Mario
PD. Maybe it’s necessary a how to video of Visualizations, any link?

Hi @Mario_Ghersi

Try to build your vis based on the App Views. I suggest you making all required counting and grouping directly in the App View:

Build the new chart based on the App View with the required data:

Result that I have:

Does it solve your issue?


OK, I try to follow your sample and I’m wrong in to parts.

“number of visit” was made by aggregation of “objectId”, visit it’s created the information to know how many “visits” are per day and finally “Client name” the “cliente” 1:1 to select witch of the clients information will be draw.

Then my chart look like this. Data Field I can’t see “number of visits”

Finally, not quantity by date and no client list.

Thanks, Mario

Hi @Mario_Ghersi,

We have created an internal ticket, BKNDLSS-32477, to add the ability to add series based on the objectId column. We will let you know when it is available.


I have tried to implement what you want, and unfortunately, there is no possibility to make that with visualizations, at least now. The bottleneck for this moment is located in two places: we couldn’t group by day, and Visualizations at this moment haven’t advanced settings for Views(table has)

OK, thanks!

Group by day is something very important (group by any time frame like hour / day / week / month / year ).

Also I try to make a Pie from the all the Visits by Client and also not working. The problem it’s in “count” function.

Thanks, Mario

Hi @Marina.Kan & @Dima

Due to the fact that we don’t have a daily group for use in Visualization the only way I found to build a graphic it’s count by API.

But now a simple report for the first 5 month cost me US$65.- because the touch of Tier 6!

Please see the chart each time the client need the chart cost a Tier 6.

Any ideas how to avoid this expensive solution?

Thanks, Mario

Hi @Mario_Ghersi,

We’ve released a new version of Backendless and added the ability to build charts using ‘objectId’.
Please, can you confirm that this is working for you?


Dear @Nazar_Dmytryshyn

The main problem for chart it’s group or count by day / week / month. Now my solution demand a lot of API calls and with Scale Plan cost to much money at least 1 report US$100.- for year calendar of visitors because are 600/day.

Thanks, Mario

We’re also trying to see if we can use visualizations for users to see some things in a chart. Simple pie chart… but it’s not at all clear how we might be able to do this for individual users.

  1. If we create a data view which groups data by user objectId, where/how does one inject some particular data (for one user) into a pie chart? I mean, is there some way to use logic built into our page in UI Builder to set the data that is presented? Doesn’t seem to be… if there is, please provide some documentation.
  2. How can we style a chart? Things like getting rid of the shadow at the chart border, choose colors in a pie chart, etc?

You can use where clause with Views just like with regular data tables. To get the data from a view for a specific objectId, you’d use:

objectId = 'SOME VALUE`

Styling capabilities are limited at the present time. This is something we plan to improve in the future.

But where to put the where clause?

Where do you retrieve the data?

For now, just a random data view we have. In the visualizations area, it looks like we can just pick a column from the view (pie chart as example) but nothing more. And when dragging the chart into a page in UI Builder, it’s just the chart… no way to query things. I’m sure I’m missing something…

Hello @Alex_Klein

I do not fully understand the essence of the problem.
Data query settings are located here.

Now for visualizations based on data from a table, we have more options than data from view.
But later for view-based visualizations we will add a “where clause” setting.

To config the query setting in the ui-builder app fro chart, you need to configure the feature toggle settings. (now there is no setting for the “series” but later it will be)


Thanks for the additional info… but I’m still very confused. Seems like the visualizations area is still undergoing a lot of development. So for now, we have chosen to build a simple custom component for our pie chart requirements :smile:


Yes, “visualizations” are not the final product. We intend to improve them. We would like users to offer their ideas for “visualization”.

Unfortunately, I misunderstood your problem. Could you describe your problem in more detail so that we can improve this feature?


Our use case is very simple: we have users who have some numbers associated with their account. We want to show them those numbers in a chart, so a query with where clause on a data view would work. But the query needs to be unique for each logged in user. Ideally, we have the data in Page Data or App Data for the individual user and we can wire up logic to the chart to present this data.

We don’t need controls, toolbars, interactivity, etc — we just need to be able to show different users different things. From what I can see, there is no logic area where we can set what data is displayed in the chart. It’s just a “global” type thing where all users see the same thing. If I’m wrong, would be great if you sent a screenshot about where we can customize a chart for individual users :grinning:


Look like we should add data binding for visualizations like that?

Yes that might work :person_shrugging: