Way to prevent double-click on checkbox?

We use checkboxes to trigger a save and/or delete of an object in the database. If the user is quick enough, they can check the box twice, which causes a duplicate object to be created in the database. Our logic is inside a On Change Event. Is there a Codeless way to prevent double clicks on a checkbox? Or perhaps to make the box be checked/unchecked “instantly”, so the user is unable to double click while the box is unchecked?

You would need to disable the checkbox when it is clicked and re-enabled when the processing is done.

How to disable the checkbox “on change”? Can I use “get component by id” block and set the box’s state to disabled somehow in the “on change event” section?

I imagine setting a property in Page Data and having the disabled state logic databound to that would work. Would that be the best way?

Yes, that’s the way to go.