Web Client generated by Google (Google Sign-in)

Application ID: ‘6BBA55A8-087F-EBA2-FF1B-596EB5335600’

I’m trying to implement Google Sign In for Android. I follow theses steps : Social and OAuth2 Logins - Backendless SDK for Android/Java API Documentation

But when I arrive to the point which tell me that a web client is auto generated by Google, I had nothing in My Google Console Developer. I only see my android credential created. Multiples refresh and nothing appears. Is it take time before it appears (more than one hour?) or is in the instant?

I don’t understand why I have this error and how to resolve it. Firebase is linked well.

Thanks you for help

Please describe steps to reproduce starting from the first action.

  1. Follow step here : Social and OAuth2 Logins - Backendless SDK for Android/Java API Documentation

Hello @Alexandra_Gnimadi,

Thanks for reporting this issue. I’ve created a ticket for our QA to check if the documentation steps are valid.


Our QA checked the instructions and everything works fine.
Please make sure to follow the instructions steps clearly.
Is your Firebase project exactly the same as in console.cloud.google.com?

Yes the same name, the same package name and the same SHA-1. I will follow again the step one to one and I come back.

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Ok this time, all seems to be good. I have the generated Web client app, I add client Id an secret ID in backendless console. I add the android client ID created before in my android app, to implement the sign-in. But I also have a DEVELOEPR_ERROR which I thinks means that My android app can’t connect to backendless. Do you know why I could have this issue please?

Could you please provide the details about the DEVELOEPR_ERROR? What is the error message?

It’s not an error from Backendless I just found the issue, it’s from google sign-in, maybe because my consent auth page on google console developer is not correct because I doesn’t yet fill the privacy policy and other link. So I think it’s the issue. Thanks you for your help.

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Glad you found it out! Social logins can be a little confusing.
Can I close this topic as solved?

Yes you can, thanks you