Web Hosting: Uploading Existing Site or Directory

Hi, getting started with Backendless, from Parse, and would like to migrate an existing website/app to the web/ folder. I understand I can upload a single file via the console. My question: is there a way to upload multiple files and/or a directory using the console or some other means (sftp)?

A naive suggestion: if the console file chooser is using an input element of type ‘file’ then adding a ‘multiple’ attribute will allow for selecting more than one (assuming the server file uploading and processing will also handle more):
<input type=“file” name=“img” multiple>

Second naive suggestion: if a .zip archive is uploaded, can its contents overwrite the current target directory after being unpacked?

TIA (Backendless looks to be a great replacement for Parse)!

You can enable git support on the file system. Once configured correctly, all you need to do is a git push. Your local folder structure needs to mirror the Backendless structure.

Ahh, thanks Dave … that will work perfectly.

Much appreciated!