Webhook link and HTTP request of code in the cloud code coding section

Please how do I access the webhook link and set the HTTP request of code in the cloud code coding section
I entered my code in the cloud code coding section for a webhook
After uploading and saving the code I need the webhook URL and i can’t seem to find that anywhere
And also to set the HTTP requests to POST, is it done in the code itself or there’s a way to set it.

Thanks in advance for the assistance

Hi @Osi_Ezekiel,

Hello and welcome to our community!

You can find the full API service path here:

Please follow this documentation of how to specify the method and its path.


Thanks for replying
But the code doesn’t appear as a service

Even after deploying and saving the code, it does not appear on the service section for me to get the http request and webhook url

Hi @Osi_Ezekiel,

I was unable to reproduce your issue, can you provide your Application ID so that we can investigate the issue in more detail?


Okay hope its safe to drop that here


Hello @Osi_Ezekiel

you have created event handlers. To see the list of services, you should create a service:


Thanks for replying
The screenshot you sent is for the codeless I tried before
I trying to use code as a service
Please take a look at the coding section in my app again, it isn’t showing in the service

Thanks in advance for the help

I think i might move to codeless but i don’t know how to use the logic section

So please how can set the logic of the codeless API service to receive a response from paystack after someone has made payment

Hello @Osi_Ezekiel

In order for your service to appear in the service, you need to upload your code. To do this, the Coding tab has a “Deploy” button.
Also, please note that your service file must be in *.js format (I see that your code file has no extension, so it won’t be deployed).

Let me know if this advice was helpful to you.